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Since October 2018, Institute for Medical Education Accreditation (IMEAc) has been awarded WFME Recognition Status.

Acceptance of the Accreditation Agency by Others

COTMES/IMEAc’s accreditation decision is accepted by the Higher Education Authority and Professional Medical Regulatory Authority which are:

  1. The Office of Higher Education Commission (OHEC), Ministry of Education and
  2. The Medical Council of Thailand (TMC).

Remarks: The previous standards used for accreditation by the COTMES were:

  1. Criteria for establishment of new medical schools/curriculum approval 2003/ the Medical Council of Thailand
  2. Standard criteria for Thai medical school establishment, the commission of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, B.E. 2546 (2003)
  3. Thailand Qualification Framework 2012, OHEC
  4. Regulation of Thai Medical Council, stated of accreditation procedures


Substantive changes

The accreditation of medical schools in Thailand has been conducted by COTMES since 2001 with the changes as follows:

First round Quality Audit of all Medical schools by COTMES: 9 quality components

NCFMEA recognition of Thai Medical schools

2003- 2012:
Standard Criteria for Thai Medical Schools Establishment, Thai Medical council and the Commission of Higher Education , 14 Quality components

Second round Quality Assessment of all Medical schools by COTMES: integration of QA and HA KPI

Third round of Quality Accreditation of Medical schools by COTMES: EdPEx criteria

Standard criteria to open/quality improvement for Thai medical school, 15 quality components

Ongoing establishment of Institute for Medical Education Accreditation: Accreditation using international standards (adopted from WFME.BME The 2012 revision).

  • 2003: Adoption of WFME.BME The 2012 Revision
  • 2016: Adoption of WFME.BME The 2015 Revision
  • 2017: Release of an integrated version of TMC and WFME.BME standards for establishment/revision of medical programs and approval of medical schools (TMC.WFME.BME Standards of 2017)
  • 2018: Release of Standards for establishment of a new medical school.

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